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Book Recommendations
  Recommendations for your life and ministry.
  Daniel Deffenbaugh
Daniel Deffenbaugh is the Professor of Theology at Hastings College, Nebraska.
  Deborah Patterson
Rev. Dr. Deborah Patterson is Executive Director of the International Parish Nurse Resource Center and is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ.
  Gary Gunderson
Gary R Gunderson is the Sr. Vice President for Health and Welfare Ministries at Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare, Memphis, Tenn. and the author of several books.
  Kymberly McNair
Kymberly McNair is the Training Coordinator for My Sisters' Place, a Domestic Violence service provider. She recommends books on Domestic Violence.
  Scott Morris
Dr. Scott Morris is the Founder and Executive Director of the Church Health Center in Memphis, TN.
  Lee Ramsey
Lee Ramsey is an ordained United Methodist pastor and is currently an associate professor of pastoral care and pastoral theology at Memphis Theological Seminary.
  Grace Tazelaar
Grace Tazelaar serves as the Nurses Christian Fellowship Missions Director, and she is Missions Editor for the Journal of Christian Nursing.
  Arthur Paul Boers
Boers is the author of The Way is Made by Walking: A Pilgrimage Along the Camino de Santiago.
Recent Recommendations
  Eating & DrinkingEating & Drinking
Author Elizabeth Groppe explores society and Christianity's approach to food and drink. Review by Joel R. Soza.
  When Sickness HealsWhen Sickness Heals
Siroj Sorajjakool explores the place of religious belief in health care. Review by Andrew Gienapp.
  Praying with the Body
Author Roy DeLeon creates a unique guidebook to praying through the Psalms in his book, Praying with the Body: Bringing the Psalms to Life. Review by Sybil MacBeth.
  The Way is Made by WalkingThe Way is Made by Walking
The Way is Made by Walking by Arthur Paul Boers chronicles one man's spiritual and physical journey on the Camino de Santiago. Review by Mary Allison Cates.
  Not All of Us Are SaintsNot All of Us Are Saints
In Not All of Us Are Saints: A Doctor’s Journey with the Poor, Dr. David Hilfiker poignantly relates his experience as a physician and resident with DC’s urban homeless and poor. Review by Sarah Stoneking.
  Medicine as MinistryMedicine as Ministry
Margaret Mohrmann’s book, Medicine as Ministry, is written out of professional experience both as a physician and a Christian. Review by Scott Morris.
  The Religion of ThinnessThe Religion of Thinness
The Religion of Thinness by Michelle Lelwica explores the spiritual dimensions of eating problems. Review by Rachel Thompson.
  Making CrossesMaking Crosses
Making Crosses by Ellen Morris Prewitt captures the art of healing through cross-making. Review by Emma F. Connolly.

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Recommended Resources



Blessed by the Presence of God: Liturgies for Occasional Services by F. Russel Mitman

Bread, Body, Spirit: Finding the Sacred in Food by Alice Peck

Broken: My Story of Addiction and Redemption by William Cope Moyers

Good Mourning by Allan Hugh Cole

The Healer’s Calling by Daniel Sulmasy

Liturgy for Healing Services by The Iona Community

Making Crosses by Ellen Morris Prewitt

Medicine as Ministry by Margaret Mohrmann

Not All of Us Are Saints by David Hilfiker

The Religion of Thinness by Michelle Lelwica

The Way is Made by Walking by Arthur Paul Boers

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