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Recognizing Recovery: the Twelve Steps for You and Your Church Recognizing Recovery: the Twelve Steps for You and Your Church
October 12, 2010

Recognizing Recovery: A Guide to the Twelve Steps is designed to introduce you to the path of spiritual awakening called the Twelve Steps.

It is an accessible resource guide that can be used by both individuals and groups and offers practical answers to questions about the nature of purpose of Twelve Step recovery programs.

People interested in this curriculum may be individuals whose loved ones are addicts, people with addictive personalities or habits they wish to change, and Individuals and communities that wish to start or grow a recovery ministry. An individual may use this as a resource book on addiction and recovery, and can refer to different parts as their ministry grows and develops. Additionally, Recognizing Recovery can also be used by a group for bible study and reflection. Each chapter has discussion questions, ideas for group activities and reflection, helpful definitions, inventories and scripture passages that can guide a group leader in planning for a discussion. With its eight chapters, Recognizing Recovery can be broken down into eight meetings, discussions or bible studies. This might be done over a weekend or a series of several weeks.

Please note: While Recognizing Recovery offers insight into the Twelve Steps, it is NOT a substitute for committed involvement in a Twelve Step program. It may be a helpful tool for people who think they may have an addiction, but it is NOT designed as an alternate method of participating in a Twelve Step program. Leaders of small groups studying this curriculum should watch for participants who may have an addiction and are attempting to utilize this curriculum as a replacement for a Twelve Step group, and encourage them to continue their recovery process in a Twelve Step program.

Recognizing Recovery will introduce you to the spiritual path of the Twelve Steps and enable your congregation to more fully welcome all of God’s children into the life of faith.

Download a PDF version:

Recognizing Recovery (color)
Recognizing Recovery (black & white)

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Recognizing Recovery: the Twelve Steps for You and Your Church

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