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Book Review: Eating & Drinking Book Review: Eating & Drinking

Eating & Drinking

by Elizabeth T. Groppe

Fortress Press, 2011


In Eating and Drinking, Elizabeth T. Groppe writes about food and drink in relation to three themes: routine practices in North American society, Christian understandings of these practices, and reflective and constructive restatements of these practices. The book is a part of the Compass Series: Christian Explorations of Daily Living. In the first of her three chapters, Groppe takes us on a journey through the typical North American day of eating and drinking, from morning coffee to evening dinner. She skillfully shows how unreflective we tend to be in considering how our food and drink arrives to our mouths and what impact there might be upon our planet and people in the world. Her second chapter presents a Christian theological vision of eating and drinking by exploring what Christian writers and thinkers have already said over the course of time. This leads to the final chapter regarding practical application of eating and drinking in the current context, a chapter which challenges the reader to approach creation, not as a consumable resource for selfish appetites, but as a sacramental gift.


Recommended by Joel R. Soza, professor of Old Testament at Malone University in Canton, OH. Soza is the author of Food and God: A Theological Approach to Eating, Diet, and Weight Control.

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