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  Walking as a Focal PracticeWalking as a Focal Practice
Arthur Paul Boers encourages all Christians to begin walking - for physical fitness and spiritual health.
  Winding PathsWinding Paths
Labyrinths mirror the spiritual journey.
  Prayerful RunningPrayerful Running
Roger Joslin talks about how he began running and his practice of meditation.
  Fair Weather RunnerFair Weather Runner
Running has taught Jodi Miller this: her daily practice of faith (and wellness) is a journey.
  Walking at DuskWalking at Dusk
Several months ago, I went on my standard walk around the neighborhood.
  Walking to the CrossWalking to the Cross
Butch Odom's daily walking devotional is designed to complement the liturgical season of Lent.
  Walk and TalkWalk and Talk
A year-long walking Bible study. Organized by week, this month's topic is "New Beginnings."
  Walking with Jesus
A six-week guided program designed to help people walk together. It follows Sarah and Abraham's journey using selected passages from Genesis.
  Walk to BethlehemWalk to Bethlehem
Virtual world walk spurs health and community.

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